Where time stands stills in eternal moments of sheer bliss
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The Rainforest Ecolodge is situated in the Sinharaja Division of the Enselwatte Estate in Deniyaya. This plot of previously cultivated tea land borders the south-western fringe of the Sinharaja forest reserve. Sinharaja rainforest is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site inscribed in 1988. The Sinharaja is also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a Biodiversity Hotspot as designated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). All these titles highlight the importance of the forest reserve and hence the location of the Ecolodge in terms of its biodiversity as well as its fragility. In selecting this location, the importance of committing to the conservation of its surroundings and promoting the cause through its development and operations.

The Ensalwatta Estate, which is managed by the Mathurata Plantations Limited. The area has a perennial wet climate and it approximately 900 – 1000 meters above the sea level.


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