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Mammals of Sri Lanka

Nearly half of the mammalian species in Sri Lanka are present in the Sinharaja forest region. Sinharaja is one of the few refuges of two arboreal non-primate mammals – the Golden palm Civet (paradoxurus zeylonensis) and Small flying squirrel (Petinomys fuscocapillus). The endemic and threatened primate – The purple-faced leaf Monkey is also found in the Sinharaja forest. A small herd of elephants roaming around the Delwala, Walanakanda and Rakwana range occasionally frequent the north-eastern part of Sinharaja. These elephants form one of the two populations remaining in the wet zone. Direct and indirect observations on the herd roaming the above areas indicate a population of 3-4 animals, including a well-grown bull. Compared to the dry zone elephants, they are dark in colour and much stouter in appearance. A lucky visitor may get the chance of observing an elusive wild cat in Sinharaja, either the Leopard, Fishing Cat or the smaller Rusty-Spotted Cat.