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Trekking in Sri Lanka

Take a trek through the quaint paths of Sinharaja where placid undergrowth lie in wait for the appreciation of all who wish to indulge in an adventure to the tranquil wilderness of Sri Lanka’s world renowned rainforest.

Go trekking in Sri Lanka on a range of specially designed routes made available to guests, varied by altitude, direction and the clusters of wildlife found in each area.

Trekking Trails

  • Main trail - 2,515m through varying rain forest types, 3 ft clearance, erosion prevention, steep slopes avoided
  • Arboretum trail - this area is a microcosm of surrounding forest containing many species seen through the forest in a compact area a in patch in the centre of the site.
  • Kurulugala - 700m, montane grasslands, butterflies and birds
  • Adventure trail - a more difficult but scenic trail with waterfalls and streams
  • Basic trail - a less strenuous trail that can be used by the differently abled as well
  • Night walks along the easier habitat types (stream, forest)
  • Studies of density, composition direction of movement and pathways will enable spots on the trails to be marked where bird flocks are likely to be seen at certain times