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Sri Lankan Herbs

Most of the endemic plants found in Sinharaja are ethno medically used by the people and not recorded formally. These include Depterocarpus zeylanicus, D.hispidus, Shore asp., Garcinia hermonii, xylopia championii, Mesua nagassarium, Loxococcus rupicola, Atalantia rotundifolia, Caryota urens), Calamus sp., Kokoona zeylanica, Elattaria, Coscinium fenestratum. Species with special medicinal value such as Zeuxine flava, Xeuxine regia, Anoectochilues setaceus, Lycopodium pheymaria, are highly threatened due to natural habitat destruction and degradation of micro-ecosystems.

Medicinal plants in rain forests are very important bioresources in a country like Sri Lanka. Studies have estimated the revenue generated from direct use of plants for medicinal purposes or from sale of pharmaceutical produced from chemicals derived from plants.

Some commonly used medicinal Plant Species are Kohomba, Adatoda, Dorana, Binara, Duhudu, Murva, Kara, Kotalahi, Bandura, Iruraja, Wellangi, Weniwel, Wanaraja, Binkohoba, Iruraja, Binkohomba, Narilata.